Walk towards your 

The secrets of your transformation finally revealed

Walk towards your destiny

The secrets of your transformation finally revealed


The Michigan Academy drives you to your own development, both personal and professional, with unprecedented online courses that cover the needs of all areas in your life: business, relationships, couple goals, family, well-being, health...

And much more.

Forget the conventional education system. The Michigan Academy offers programs dedicated to personal and professional development. Because breaking with traditional ways of thinking is one of the keys to boosting and developing your full potential. These programs give you the value that you'll never find in the classic system.

The academy's commitment: Cultivate the art of living, teaching the world the techniques to create an extraordinary, prosperous, happy and completely fulfilled life.

We spend our entire childhood, teenage years and youth preparing for our careers.

  But school doesn't prepare us for the real things that determine the quality of our life: The power of our mind, how to be prosperous, how to be healthy, how to improve our state of mind, etc. and all this using the keys of our unconscious and our well-being.

La Academia de Michigan instruye en los temas que más importan en la vida.

We do this by bringing you the most powerful methods, with a learning platform that allows you to explore innovatively and constantly optimize your personal and professional life, to ultimately live to your full potential.

With the MICHIGAN ACADEMY, learning will be a true adventure and one of the most enriching experiences of your life!

You will enjoy learning about how to unlock the full potential of your spirit, mind and heart, how to love your work, create your own activities and be the ultimate creator of your dreams...

You will experience happiness, learn to control and eliminate everything that causes you stress, you will know how to experience love in your life and not suffer because of it, you will also learn to have serenity and align yourself with your prosperity.

  You will establish deep and real relationships with the people and communities you have chosen.

We focus on developing our exceptional gifts and talents, on being able to show or use them to achieve our financial freedom and our social image, and above all to have fun along the way, to really enjoy every second of it.

But beyond the material results, there's something far more important about the Michigan Academy.

Our members say there's a certain chemistry in everything we do, a sense of excitement, fun, belonging and truth.
  Members become partners in the Michigan Academy, and our formidable group of people drives everyone to succeed.

Our content and courses have completely revolutionized the way we receive information and memorize it.

These profound personal and professional transformation lessons provide intense motivation and allow you to go through a genuine process that ultimately transforms your life into the best version of itself.

Our commitment makes all serious topics very easy to understand and to integrate in your daily life, for you to have the best results, very quickly.

Our instructors are people of great human quality who know how to motivate, teach, entertain and transform.

The Michigan Academy community is key to personal and professional growth.

Connect and learn with other members, take a deeper look at the path they've been on, participate with confidence and let yourself be guided by the best.

The Michigan Academy is like being part of a big family.

 Wherever you are in the world, you will never be alone again!

 These same members become partners of the MICHIGAN ACADEMY, and in this amazing community everyone is there to help each other rise to the top and succeed.

The MICHIGAN ACADEMY is built on human connection.

The academy allows you to reach the goal in a much calmer state, faster and easier. No matter how you want to evolve or grow, we share the same ideas by your side.

  Surround yourself with people who respect you and want you to succeed!

  As soon as you join us, you will gain full access to not only the best education in the world, but also the accompaniment of these extraordinary, generous, present and dedicated people.

Who is Michigan Academy for?

If you want to develop and those around you don't understand the steps you are taking, or you feel alone, then joining the Michigan Academy is the solution. It will mean being part of a supportive and challenging community. You will be surrounded by members who share your values and embody them. Driven by group emulation, you will step out of your comfort zone to accelerate your transformation


 - You're already on the path of personal development.
  - You want to improve or change something in your life to become the best version of yourself
  - You value the importance of learning at any age
  - You want to have a positive impact through your private life, your work or your business
  - Do you believe that the greatest success is helping others feel fulfilled?
  - You care about humanity and how you could contribute to the change that is taking place

How about seeing for yourself what the Michigan Academy has to offer? Participate in an unprecedented human adventure.

Michigan Academy is founded on human connection, which is a source of transformative energy.

Regardless of your evolution or the direction of your economic development, you will be among like-minded people.

Members who will stay by your side will allow you, while having fun, to get there faster and easier.

All these exciting connections will create deep bonds of friendship and love.

By studying and progressing together, all members complete their training.

They help each other more enthusiastically and together they achieve personal liberation, financial freedom and a life of joy and adventure.

Michigan Academy has the power to transform our lives, for ourselves, for our families, for our friends.
       for our community.


Well, we believe that learning is the source of personal and professional progress.

  It has the power to transform our world.

  From discomfort to happiness
  from lack to prosperity,
  from conflict to emotional peace.

  What matters is not who we are or where we are now.

Training together allows us to change, "mature" and redefine what is possible, and above all what seems impossible or too far away.

  That is why the access to the best education is a duty each one of us has.

  That's why the Michigan Academy will be by your side.

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